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Top Tips For Print Marketing Collateral.

Digital marketing is at an all time high. Adverts, blogs, RSS feeds, direct mail and ‘infographics’ fight to fill our desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones in order to give us our digital daily digest. 90% of all information that we humans receive is visual and marketers know this. But what about ‘offline’ content? What about our other senses?

The oldest medium of them, all in our humble opinion, still remains top of the senses tree. We’re talking, of course about print. If you want to produce beautiful marketing designs that make potential clients really pay attention to what you have to say, then print does it like no other.

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Print attacks two senses in one: Physically holding something in your hands and exploring it whilst looking at the creative design/content is an unrivalled double whammy. When left behind on a physical desktop the process can be enjoyed again and again. Until such a time when that experience can be reproduced digitally, there will still be plenty of opportunities to make an impact using your printed marketing materials.

However, dated design ideas that people have seen a million of times before just won’t do the trick. By its very nature graphic design is a contemplative art and styles are constantly evolving. So, to truly stand out using printed materials in this digital-centric world takes creativity, originality and confidence in both your design and in your brand itself. Consumers are more educated these days and expect more from advertisers. Without these important components in your design, your printed marketing materials will have as much impact as the local take-out menu that’s shoved through your front door every week, which you have ten of anyway.

Of course, you can’t force creativity, so we’ve put some ideas together in an attempt to guide you gently down the creative path.

Your Business Marketing Collateral.

If you had a plain old run of the mill manila folder and a magazine sat in front of your on a desk, which one are you more likely to pick up based on appearance? It’s a no brainer. Magazine covers are specifically designed to entice readers and grab consumer attention quickly. They have provocative images, colourful design and punchy headlines. You can’t resist having a closer inspection.

We challenge you to deploy these tactics on your business cards, presentation folders, brochures and other business collateral you have? Give your print media some high quality images or design them around a familiar theme that you know works elsewhere. Don’t over look your text fonts though, is this is one of the most crucial aspects of any print marketing collateral, as it provides the most information to the audience.

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Remember, if you have already gone through the brand recognition process, then surely you deserve some show stopping branding materials to support?

01. Map yourself.

These days brand identity is determined by a number of different factors including the location of your business. We suggest therefore using maps and geographical markers within your overall design. Is your business located near a particular landmark or at a busy well-known road junction for example? We are in Newcastle where people bustle with pride so why not display that in your design. It can be an accurate map or an artistic interpretation that put your location front and centre.

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02. It is worth the paper it’s written on.

There are many printing materials available than just your standard papers and stocks. It’s also the weight of that paper that counts as well as the texture and finish.
We’ve also printed onto wood, vinyl, leather, correx, plastics, poly materials and even recycled materials, which can change the texture, durability and the overall look of your print designs. Think back inside the box too!
On a recent visit to Barbour’s outlet factory I noted that they’d used the actual fabrics and off cuts to cover shop fittings, therefore more creatively branding the store rather than just using posters or signage. Even if you do opt for more traditional stock or materials such as paper, consider something like felt or linen or any other stock with a unique texture.

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03. Go minimal.

The most well know brands in the world are often the most simple when it comes to logo design. Brand names like Nike or Apple use a very minimal design effect to make a bold statement. Some companies go mad with design elements and over do it so it ends up looking like a visual assault and the brand is lost. Minimalist design isn’t easy to pull off though so make sure you have picked the right design team doing your research and looking at their logo portfolio.

04. Sneaky Peak.

Whether it’s ‘on’ or ‘offline’ consumers like to be teased or given a quick glimpse of something before being given full access to it. This can be incorporated into your design by adding a die cut window, giving a preview of what’s inside your booklet, folder or other printed material.
Die cutting isn’t the cheapest option so you need to make sure that your design and print really hits the spot. Your business card is probably the best thing to go to town on because you’ll always see the reaction when you hand it over. That’s what will get you and you business remembered, probably not what you actually said.

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You could also have a very obvious call to action on the card so people cannot help but follow it. You could even reward them for doing so with a discount or free gift. Have a sneaky peak at our new Pinterest account and we’ll give you 10% off.

05. Live and Let Die.

Be brave, you only need do a basic search on Google for a million examples of amazing die cut ideas people have used but going through with it takes guts. The results can be totally amazing though so let your creativity run wild. Shapes, grooves outlines and missing bits all add to the intrigue and fun of giving or receiving business cards. If yours is at the bottom of a pile after a network event or tradeshow make sure it’s the one that doesn’t fit in the generic business card box, then you’ll really stick out from the crowd.

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06. Get them involved.

Make sure you give your recipients something to do with your printed marketing other than read it and forget about it. The oldest trick in the medical profession was for medical reps to dish out pens and notepads because doctors were always losing pens and needed to scribble down notes. When they sit at the desk what will grab there attention?
You are a consumer yourself, so what tricks do businesses use on you that work? Interaction gives your audience an incentive to spend more time with your printed materials, just make sure there’s something of value tied into your interactive features. You could have pop ups, different textures or enticing text that leads onto the next section or page.

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07. Infographics; the hit of the whole fruit.

As mentioned in another one of our posts infographics are a great way to combine design and information creatively. Charts and graphs are great for giving visual cues, however these don’t always make for the most exciting design elements. Infographics therefore overcome the age-old problem of presenting important facts and figures in a cool way. Time is precious and attention spans short so. Infographics are great for transmitting information in a unique way. For examples and more information read our article on infographics here.

08. Instant Branding.

After time businesses re-visit there branding or look at a finished design and think its missing branding elements. Many of our clients in the hotel restaurant and bar industry have extremely tight deadlines and therefore we help them by producing high-quality company stickers or labels.
Stickers let you put your brand on practically anything, which means that your brand can go anywhere that you do. Branded stickers make for a cheap, quick fix solution for when your printed materials just need one small detail to be up to your specifications since they don’t require you to reprint everything again. Rubber stamps are another way to have immediate branding at your fingertips and makes for a unique look on printed materials. Investing in a good rubber stamp will let you literally handprint some of your marketing materials while adding a personal touch to your marketing collateral.

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Marketing Collaterol.

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